1. What is the Design Technologies Curriculum?

The D and T curriculum is a document that is used as a guide for what students will be learning. The curriculum involves the use of both design thinking and design technology in order to produce designed solutions for authentic needs and opportunities (“Technologies: Introduction — The Australian Curriculum v8.3”, 2017) . For the needs and opportunities means that students are given the chance to engage with real life scenarios and come up with creative solutions to real world situations.

The students of today are tomorrow’s leaders.

2. Why is it important to my future role as a teacher?

The design technologies curriculum is a vital document in my future role. It is a teachers responsibility to provide our students with the ability and knowledge to be the most educated and best leaders of the future that they can be. In particular, the design technologies curriculum achieves this as it allows the learners to be faced with scenarios and issues that are occurring in ur world today, and have the ability to creatively address them.

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