Hair treatment of this week.

As some of you know I’ve planned to be doing a decent amount of home remedy hair masks to help give the push my hair needs for hair growth. This week I’ve decided to try the cinnamon mask. Although there are multiple things others like to add into this mask I’ve only decided to use two ingredients.

  • One part cinnamon
  • Four part olive oil

(I guess depending on how thick your hair is depends on how much olive oil one would use. Also, the more cinnamon you put in the more on fire your head will get so..seriously...BE WARNED. Be careful before applying. If the mixture becomes too unbearable rinse out ASAP.)

This is the first time I’ve used cinnamon in a hair mask..granted it was strange, but the feeling after is pretty amazing. Minus, since the lack of conditioner if you are to try this mask be warned your hair will seem fairly tough. Maybe putting in some leave in conditioner is best. — I personally use this special hair milk..., but that’s just me.

What this mask has done to my hair is complete magic... I suffer through thinning in my hair. Strangely, the density in my hair feels a bit thicker. A plus is also it has given my hair its natural hair shine and it’s made my hair fairly smooth. All and all, a very great mask and I do recommend it.

Those of you who don’t understand why one would use cinnamon as a hair mask it’s because just like multiple other products, cinnamon helps stimulate blood flow — that’s a good thing for those who don’t know. Also, if you guys don’t know cinnamon is actually great for other things too! Look up other things it’s best to help with. You’ll be surprised how much cinnamon you’ll be using after reading on it.

If anyone has any questions to ask me please feel free to respond. I would be happy to answer.

And please remember... I am not a licensed cosmetic person. I’m just a stay at home mum who enjoys trying home remedies. If you are hurt after trying anything I’ve posted I’m not responsible. You’re responsible for your own actions.

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