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Tattoo Nation Dubai is a friendly, inviting, and very clean tattoo studio in dubai. Specialized in detailed black and gray, realistic, and full color tattoos. We make it our mission to create a unique, one of a kind tattoo experience for our customers. Our professional tattoo studio in dubai provides all the information on. The longevity of our tattoo ink is also improved. The healing process is incredible, as there is no bleeding or scabbing. Perfect to travel halfway around the world to experience a tattoo in dubai. In this first article we want to give an overview of the history of tattooing and the tattoo styles that we offer in our dubai tattoo shop.

History of Tattoos
It is claimed that tattooing has been practiced throughout the world since the 12,000 years BC, as evidenced by ancient art and archaeological record. The oldest discovery of tattooed human skin is found on the body of “Ötzi the Iceman”. The purpose of tattooing has varied from cultures and its place on the timeline. The Greeks used tattooing for communication among spies; the Romans use tattoos to mark criminals and slaves while the Ainu people of western Asia used tattoos to show social status.

Styles of Tattoo
There is a difference between the design of a tattoo also in our dubai tattoo studio, which is what you create or draw on a client, and the styles of a tattoo. There are probably thousands of tattoo styles available and created daily. A lot of these design are adapted from historical styles, many of which are centuries old. Also the Tattoo in Dubai price depends on the design that you choose.
 Traditional Tattoo Style
 Also known as the classic American tattoo style is one of the oldest forms of tattooing styles. Defined by solid black outlines, limited color palette, fewer details and perfect precision. Its beauty and ease of production are the reasons why it’s so popular. Typical traditional imagery includes nautical and ocean imagery, roses, daggers and fierce predatory animals.
 Realism Tattoo
 A tattoo that looks closely like it would in the real world. Realistic tattoos done correctly would look like photographs on the skin; it is important to choose a skilled dubai tattoo artist and have a good reference photo.
 Watercolor Tattoo
 The watercolor effect can be a grand inclusion to the design of any tattoo. It mimics experimental artistic process using splashes and streaks of color to create an impression. It can also combine with realism to form the background or foreground of a tattoo.
 Tribal Tattoo
 The oldest tattoo style also provided as a dubai tattoo, made of thick and bold black lines; it uses symmetry and geometrical design.
 New School Tattoo
 New school tattoo is a cartoon-like design that looks like a crazy comic book on your body. Featuring vivid colors, exaggerated dimensions and bubble-like designs, it is common with popular culture icons and animals.
 Neo Traditional Tattoo Style
 Using the techniques of traditional tattoos, Neo-traditional tattoo style uses bold outlines and precise shading. They are more detailed, experimental with color, more dimensional and often brighter when compared to traditional tattoos. It might also merge with different styles to create an elaborate and unique design.

Japanese Tattoo Style
 They are mainly known for covering a large area of the body such as the back, arms and legs. It adheres to the ancient traditions rule of “positioning, the imagery used, direction and color”. Imagery usually used include lotus flowers, cherry blossoms and war dogs.

Dotwork Tattoo — new in our Tattoo Shop Dubai
 It makes use of dots to create an intricate design and images. The mandalas, sacred geometry and stipple portraits are some forms of dotwork.
 Geometric Tattoo
 It uses symmetry and repetition to create a large complex design made of shapes. Usually black but may use other colors to create a 3D effect. It can be incorporated into Neo-traditional or any other style of tattoo.
 Biomechanical Tattoo
 Typically freehanded, the tattooist creates a design that adapts to the unique flow of the client’s body to mimic a robotic aesthetic within the skin. It could include components like gears, levers, wires and rods. Today, tattooing is more popular and accepted than it has ever been before. All classes of people seek the best tattoo artists. Artists combine the tradition of tattooing with their personal style thereby creating unique and phenomenal body art. With the addition of modern equipment and inks, tattooing has indeed reached a new height.

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