Stephanies Home Improvements: Apartments Rent Rebate

Is There An Expense To The Rent Rebate Program? No, there is no charge to the Rent Rebate Program. You don’t need to pay anything. The Rent Rebate program is a free program that pays you to move as a thank you for utilizing our service. How Long Does It Take To Get The Rent Rebate Examine? Generally you plan to get your Rent Rebate check in between 4 to 8 weeks from your move-in date. Truth to be told, in many case it may take less time and some other cases a bit more. Times generally depend on the recommendation fee processing by the house community you rented. We do our best to reduce the time to as brief as possible and we keep you updated throughout the whole procedure. Have a concern about the amazing Apartments Rent Rebate Program? Just make a telephone call to 214–230–7368 or visit our Contact Us page and leave us a message. We assist you find and rent apartment or condos.

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