The eleventh feature of a successful entrepreneur

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An individual who is successful in entrepreneurship or who wants to be a thriving entrepreneur must have specific features. These traits are not inherited but need learning and development.

If you have these traits, maybe you’re a future entrepreneur. But if you don’t, as you grew older, these attributes will grow in you without you knowing.

1. Independent

To be a successful entrepreneur need to stop relying on someone and nurture self-reliance. An entrepreneur must try to do things his or her way; This does not mean that the entrepreneur…

My secret to overcoming my anxiety

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Do you know how compelling a makeup is? You can change your look within an hour without plastic surgery. Quite cool, right? I’m not someone who always needs to wear makeup all the time, but once in a while, I can at least win with my overthinking mind.

  • Are my clothes pretty?
  • Does my outfit seem embarrassing?
  • Why does he look at me, maybe I look weird?
  • She looks at me like, am I that ugly?
  • Why is everyone looking at me?
  • Will I be…

I’m still good tho

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People who know me know I’m an excellent conversation-ender. Even if I am asking a valid question, I may cause an awkward silence to occur between the conversation. If I’m lucky, the awkward silence will not happen, but the group disbanded after I had voiced my opinion.

If I say I love to watch the serial killer documentary at night alone, I’m anxious to know how they kill others and how they plan a perfect crime. Does that make…

Have you ever been through these three signs?

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How do you feel if you know a friend who is a devoted employee, suddenly is dismissed from service for the most stupid reason ever. Employers should not be willing to dismiss employees simply because of different ethics or principles of life. To respect the diversity of the constitution, employers and workers must always be subject to the provisions of the law. The employer cannot intentionally and unknowingly fire an employee.

Sometimes extreme circumstances can make it complicated. Employers don’t need perpetually legitimate, and employee needs to be bold enough to challenge.

1. The employer gives you too much work

Your employer offers so much work that you…

These six guides can help to conserve your time effectively.

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Most managers or employees face the dilemma of how to manage time effectively and efficiently. Time in the office should be used for administrative tasks, finding new opportunities, resolving staff crises, attending specific functions, and also ensuring that the department’s performance does not reduce.

Sometimes a lot of time is spent on not beneficial or unprofitable work for employees and organizations. With this in mind, planning can help improve one’s time management through the personal benefits he or she receives from organizational flexibility, coordination, and control improvements.

As for me, these are some guidelines for managing your time productively.

1. Saying no to unimportant things


Be sure to notice this 7 type of sexual harassment at your workplace

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I never work before or after graduating, so as I got accepted in this company, I want to see my self-growth further. I want to be someone professional in this firm, not a trainee or a fresh graduate person. Although it’s a small company, I still felt grateful as I do not have any experience as a Marketing Assistant, the company accepted me to be part of this corporation.

As it was my first job ever, my primary goal is not to be fired earlier and avoid every error that might kick me off in this career. Paying my college…

Avoid these three common mistakes in a company problem-solving.

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Managers are always facing issues in their day-to-day work. However, problem-solving is require as we cannot avoid it. Another issue is, every question needs different decisions. Besides, sometimes a manager is not the last decision maker in solving a problem, as they require CEO or company director consent.

The way the problem is defined will affect how the problem is solved. These three errors usually occur during the first step to identify the problem

1. Define the problem if it’s too big or too small

If the problem is too big, it will take some time to resolve because it involves many parties. As I mentioned earlier, not all issues can…

Are you ready to handle these four challenges?

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Although you are just an employee, entrepreneur, celebrity, or anything, everyone could not run from life challenges. As we all know, the struggle that we have been through is making us stronger and wiser. Without you realizing, you are developing yourself into a better human.

Behind a thriving organization, there is a successful leader behind it. Is it effortless to become a leader? How does it feel operating a large company, be the employee guidance, and the owner of this company? As far as I know and read, most people want to be a Leader or Be-Your-Own-Boss. …

These five types of motivation can help your company operate smoothly.

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The answer to these two questions is because you want to achieve excellent results in the upcoming exams. From the two simple questions above, we find that a motivate human behavior and performance is because of motivation. Every single action taken has its cause and its impetus; This is the motive we recognize as motivation.

The motivation is to meet the satisfaction of the workers. Satisfied employees with a high work ethic will show close cooperation and good obedience to the organization. Work strikes, absence…

More is not always better

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Social media is an excellent platform for marketing and promoting your company. Many entrepreneurs create social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest for business purposes.

Each platform has its unique style. For a Facebook page or group, it is easier to gain followers; you can send an invitation to all of your friends. As for an Instagram business account, people do “follow for following,” but this method is not going to work well as people tend to unfollow you back after a few days.

All of these platforms can grow your business. …

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