Top 10 Selfies You Take on #Birthright

A photo is worth a thousand words, but a selfie is priceless. Here are the top selfies taken on #IsraelFreeSpirit #Birthright trips.

1. The Camel Selfie

A Birthright Israel staple! No trip is complete unless you snag the perfect selfie for #Humpday.

2. The Squad

#Squadonfleek. This selfie with your new Israeli friends is sababa!

3. The View

Image by @Justinrapp

Gotta get that view from atop Masada. The hike up will definitely be worth the shot.

4. The Happy Hour

Getting classy with wine-tasting at amazing Israeli wineries.

5. The Floater

Covered in mud, floating in water, but this selfie in the Dead Sea is still fire!

6. The Bus-selfie

Trying to fit the whole group in one shot…#goodluck

7. The Waterproof Phone Case

You came prepared for inclement phone conditions for this selfie rafting down the Jordan River!

8. The Nom

When you eat your weight in falafel, you’re gonna end up with at least one falafel selfie.

9. The Kotelfie


10. The Waldo

That selfie where all the amazing people you met are squeezed into it and it takes ten minutes for you to find yourself.

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