I miss you, but who is you?

I miss the days when seeing your gorgeous face was the best part of it.

Feeling the touch even of your finger tips on mine, feeling the art of it

sending electric shocks to through my body, never though I could be this way over anybody

You were so amazing, I miss how them eyes look when we blazing

We grow up n grow apart, but fuck it was so real

We both knew it from the start

How could it end?

Things got twisted in the end, had to dismiss it

Cuz when you truly love somebody… Sometimes you got to let them go

Had to let you go

I miss everything, I miss you so

Never forget that I love you

There’s no one above you

I’ll admit I acted a fool, I didn’t see what I had

I realized now and I’m glad

But as the saying goes, “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone”

I thought I’d be fine wl out you but boy was I wrong

I’m here now though, writing you this song

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