How Many Lessons Can You Spot In Here?

Nope. There’s more.

Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

The main reason I love being places and writing about them is because of that great Creative Writing teacher I had back at university; she was one hell of a teacher. Her character was out of this world, I loved her so much and feared her equally. It’s beautiful when you have a mixture of respect, love, and fear towards someone; it gets your feelings stirring and at the same time you know exactly where your limits are.

This has seized my point. So my main point was, this teacher taught me that the only way to be a great writer, is to live through the scenario. So when you read a great book about some experience or any story, be sure that the writer has gone through it step by step, whether physically, mentally, or through some heavy research.

Back in university, I didn’t take into consideration that the way to writing well is by living the actual thing, so I delivered a few pieces by only using my imagination, and I never scored the grade I wanted. She’d always tell me, “I told you to actually get out there and get involved.” How did she know? I’d always think to myself. Until one day, I finally decided to take her words and put them into action.

I got my ass up, went to this park in Beirut and started observing everything and everyone around me. I wrote it all down, everything I saw or heard. Got home, put them in sequence with a good storyline and submitted my paper the second day.

I got the highest grade in all my writings, she specifically told me, “Thank you for doing what I asked you to do. I was able to walk through everything you have seen at that park.”

It felt great to hear that, and it isbecause of her that I read books or write my writings with a different perspective and eye to criticism.

So as I sit here at Starbucks and write this I cannot help but write this tiny observation as an opener for 2018.

This place is packed right now, and right in front of me are two girls bickering about their boyfriends. To my right there are two other girls complaining about how tiring handling their work is. Behind me there’s a couple, and they are criticizing one another, and the coffee they have just ordered. To my left there’s a whole family, dad, mum, sister, and brother; and yes again they are not happy about some incident that has happened on New Year’s Eve.

You know something, I’d like to believe that using my own imagination to write sometimes, is just more comfortable. Observing others at a fresh start has shown me nothing but distress.

Yes, we make fun of the concept of “New Year, New Me”, but you fail to notice the depth of it. Believing that there is a white page that you can restart on and let go of any past grudges or worries, is hope in itself, and humans live on the idea of Hope. One of the main reasons we wake up every morning, is because we believe it’s a new day and we can make things better, so yes New Year, New You. Stop complaining about the same things of yesterday, start changing a bit of your habits and you’re good to go.

Now Happy New Year, goddammit it!