“People are the best show in the world, and you don’t have to even pay for the ticket.”

I’m off, but first…

So sitting at the one and only café in the Lebanese airport, Cafematik, I came across so much observations. I think it would be cool to share them.

To my right there’s a girl with a shit load of garbage on her table, tissue paper and 2 empty bottles. Now, what she is doing is so insignificant, because she simply has her foot on a chair as she slouches and checks her Instagram home feed. She is literally holding her stare at every picture she scrolls across.

To my left, there’s a man sitting so neatly, laptop on the table, an Evian water bottle and his phone plugged properly into his laptop. He seems to be occupied with his work, as he is the only male figure here that didn’t eye me when I came in. Okay scratch that, he just did! Ugh!

Right in front of me there’s a very sad woman, at least that’s how I see it, she has nothing on her table and is literally staring into clear space. Oh wait, a man just joined her, and he seems to be the husband, yup there’s a ring on. They ordered 4 croissants! Gutta love that type.

I just got interrupted by a man who asked me if I need the plug for my laptop, even though I didn’t even attempt to plug it in. I guess he’s just being cordial?

Now towards my far right side there’s a family, they do not seem very excited about where they’re going, none of them is even smiling. The mother is the only one talking, the rest are just listening, that’s if they can even hear her.

Girl to my right is still staring into every single picture she comes across.

Here’s a cool one, guy with a beard, not so good looking though, but looks chill and has a “fuck you all” attitude on his face. I feel good when I see those type of people, I feel like we could get along without much effort, and here’s why, talking from experience, these type of people will not judge you, they have been through too much shit, so they will always understand where you come from.

Oooh the Frenchies! A mother and her two kids, speaking French none stop, now here’s something I do not understand about people when it comes to language, yes I do speak English and I use it a lot, but I DO NOT PRETEND NOT TO UNDERSTAND MY MOTHER LANGUAGE PROPERLY, maybe some people don’t really “pretend”, and to that type, I think it is very sad that you cannot perfect your own language before perfecting a foreign one.

Okay, enough philosophy.

By the way, I just had a plain croissant and an espresso for 16,000 L.L. I really don’t understand why, but back when I was 15 a croissant cost 2,000 L.L. and coffee was also 2,000 L.L., that’s 4,000 L.L. in total. I just allowed them to rip me off, because I have no choice, I am starving and this is the only café here, moreover there’s another 2 hours till I board.

There’s a very calm girl in front of me, she has ear phones on, she’s been drawing something ever since I got here, she doesn’t look Arab, which explains a lot, and I really wish I could go over and see what she’s been working on, she looks so patient, I bet it’s epic!

Alert! Guy with a book, about guys with books, I find it interesting yet very freaky. I ‘m not sure how much I’d like to know someone that reads a lot, keeping in mind it’s one of my favourite things to do. But when I see a guy reading, I think : ouuu cool he isn’t the shallow type, so much we could talk about, then again, but no I don’t want someone who refers to what he read as reference to nearly everything in life, their questions become something like “who’s your favourite author?” , “what book would you recommend?”, “God doesn’t exist, you should read this book that would inspire you about that”, “Oh really, you read, let’s only discuss that.” Okay, the last one was sarcastic, but yea it gets boring for me, I’m not sure what I’d prefer honestly. Back to reading dude, yea he’s very much into this book.

Pretty blond lady with a cute little child is looking at her husband with a look that says, “Who the fuck are you talking to?”, as he talks on his mobile. Yes women won’t really change guys, married or not, we will always bother you, and guess what, that’s usually a sign that we still care about you, so suck it in.

The Spanish, so loud! I thought Lebanese people were loud, no I was wrong, it’s them, they top it off big time! They’ve been screaming as a form of normal speech and the father just yelled out from the beginning of the café towards the end “ PASTAAAA OR SANDAAAWICHHH!???”

Hilarious one here! A Lebanese man, maybe age 57, just passed by holding a small bottle of water saying , “ 5,000 L.L. kirmel mayy KISS EMKON” !! He was so mad that he frowned at me like I sold him that bottle.

Okay it has become too crowded, I think I want to stop looking at people now.


Yes I know, I’ll have a safe flight ❤

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