I became very good at reading people’s emotions and doing what I could to “be nice” to them.
I’ve recently learned that a “be good” mechanism I adopted at an early age was to do so in order to…
Salina Brett

Damn… that is pretty much what I am. Thank you! How do you think, can a person get rid of that thing on their own? Sometimes it seems almost impossible. I have been reading a lot, and every successful and happy person keeps saying, that to be happy you need to know what you want. And that has always been a huge problem for me. I have always known, what others want and what to do to make them happy. Doing that for others made me frustrated, because they seemed never satisfied, you know, and for me it seemed neved appreciated properly. And so one day I just stopped doing this. I started making excuses, being flakey.. That made me even more unhappy, because instead of satisfaction I got another pain you know where) self-blaming for not meeting others expectations and conflicts with my family as a cherry on a pie..

Thank you for your comment on this amazing article. I am truly grateful