He doesn't find her beautiful. Or pretty. Or sexy. She knows, because he said so himself.

She doesn't mind. She likes it, actually.

She was told she was pretty or beautiful throughout her years in school. It is not that she did not like being called pretty, she just had no idea what it actually meant. She used it, abused it, played it, toyed with it. People got hurt. She did not care. 
In university that upgraded to beautiful and sexy. Even though she had shaved her hair, changed her clothes. So she used that too. More people got hurt.

More than a decade learning how not to be beautiful. Trying in every way to leave that behind. Trying to find in her what else. Tired of being trophy girlfriend, trophy wife, molded and shaped to please whoever gave her what she thought and wished was love.

Now, because she does not have to be beautiful anymore, she is free to be.