I agree with this article overall.
Sascha Weber

Simon, as much as I appreciate Jane’s article, I agree with you. In my own case, I am a professional actor. However, in the country that I live in, actors do not get paid enough to sustain the lifestyle that I need to live in order to be fulfilled. In other words, most actors in our country drive unreliable cars, because they cannot afford reliable ones. They live in communes, where they share a residence with a couple of friends, because they cannot afford to rent a place on their own.

They may follow the career that gives them fulfillment, but they become depressed with their living conditions and their constantly broken down cars.

If they had better finances, they’d be able to afford better cars and better living conditions. In order to afford that, they have to sacrifice the career that fulfills them, to take on one that pays better. Like I do.

But then they become depressed because they are not fulfilled at their place of work, having to spend over 8 hours a day at work, or on their way to or from work and thinking about work.

Thus, in my humble opinion, money can be attached to happiness. But that concept is a relative concept. It depends on each individual person.

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