So I decided to start writing.

Now it’s 10:13pm and doing nothing. Open medium and start reading something — I think — good. Good ?. Here is the problem: what ‘good’ is ? what ‘bad’ is ? since it is very relative, we don’t really have an answer for that, right ? And people stop doing things because they are not sure if it’s good or bad or if it’s gonna be good or bad. And I just realize that statement hit me too. I dreamt to become a Writer in high school, but I never really write things. That’s because I’m afraid. Afraid not to be able write something deserve to read.

I’ve read, ‘the only way to improve your writing skill is through writing’. That’s how I decided to write trash — I hope everyday — till it become something deserved to read.

The theme will be random. About everything. Something Interest — interest me for sure, not you. Maybe about People, Traveling, Religion, Poetry, Culture, Science, God — perhaps. It’s gonna be random. It’s gonna be fun — I hope.

Gonna call it #thrash with something I guess, maybe with number. So it will go #trash01 and so on.

That’s all for prolog. Be nice please.