Installing Apache JMeter on Windows 10

This is the documentation for Apache JMeter installation on Windows 10.


  • This article was written on September 2017
  • Latest version of Apache JMeter was 3.3
  • Java 8 was required
  • My Windows 10 did not have any Java installed

Step 1: Install Java 8

Download latest Java 8 from Oracle website. You will need to have Oracle account for downloading Java.

Run the Java installer package.

Verify installed Java version by running this command on Command Prompt.

java -version

Step 2: Download Apache JMeter

You can download the latest version of Apache JMeter from

Download the Binaries zip file.

Step 3: Extract Apache JMeter

Find the downloaded zip file and extract it to your desired directory.

Downloaded zip file

For example, I extract the to C:\tole\.

This is the snapshot of the extracted directory.

Apache JMeter extracted directory

Now go to /bin folder. You will find jmeter.bat.

/bin directory

Double click on that file. The Apache JMeter GUI will be opened. You can create a shortcut for it on your desktop too.

Apache JMeter GUI

That’s it!

On the next article, I will show how to use Apache JMeter.