Enigma but of course we are interconnected

Trying to keep all my thoughts alive! This is nothing but my own thoughts what I was really expected to do! Everything is not possible in real life but thinking about everything is possible and who knows it could be also possible in real life.

It’s retrospective! Think what you had done unethically to gain something rather conducting of your own. Sometimes we couldn’t get the results instantly while needs longer time and right situation to measure it. Humiliation and negligence are two common phenomenon of our daily nature. To whom it may concern if you yet not identify of your own fault. Alas! What supposed to be and what is going on, YOU, yes! You are the main culprit of your own destruction. Indeed, your insight may harm by your own activity. Regardless, be prepared for correcting the entire calculation that you didn’t do rather submitted to and fro of your surroundings. WAKE-UP there is no ALARM clock exits mere a single green florescence blinking of your heart!!!!

Chapter 1:

It was winter season in Bangladesh. Robin came to visit Banderban to have some relief from his daily congested works. The only hilly region of BD full of horizontal beauty makes people broad in their sense. Robin couldn’t make any reluctance to enjoy the beauty of nature. He graduated from Molecular-Electroimmuno-Physics at Cornell University and now working to develop a new paradigm of technology which is unknown and never had any idea in previous science as well. Richard Fayman, a mastermind theoretical physicist was his best inspiration to choose this field of work. However, Robin decided to travel for grasping sea as it is a pure evidence of particle physics, the disperse atomic movement and the parallel air flow stimulated once mind to think the outstanding creation of nature. He came back and charged his laptop to the hotel room. All on a sudden, he observed the structural design of the hotel room and found himself an idea for his ongoing paradoxical work.

The bus was running with high speed. It quite tough to measure the exact speed, what we have seen is not definite. The mechanical students of Cornell University once taught robin’s a lesson about the consistency of speed. However, after four hours journey by car robin reached the world longest sea beach cox’s bazar. The weather was so favourable that truly fascinated robins mind. He decided to work with the fact that had sounds his mind in the hotel room. A natural solid state environment can only help to synchronize our neural network and a hormonal secretion can effectively make our brain stimulated towards the way. In the afternoon, robin got a phone call from California University, someone wished him for his last published work and wanted to share some ideas he had formulated in his entire life research career but didn’t get accolade in any research cohort. It was tremendously astonished robin as his electroimmuology was nonetheless a unique research at that time. The California man left an email and told robin to mail him if he wished to.

The journey was awesome robin seemed to be more consecrated with his dynamic works. The nationalism and religious contradiction fully destroyed the world. But science being sophisticated as it was and conjuring that it will be till the existence of atomic particles and light beam. Robin was thinking about the electromagnetic field of human body which was determined the pivotal forces of balance to survive in this earth. If it possible to correlate the mechanical forces between human molecular system to outside world then perhaps the atoms can preserve information more accurately. The hotel room structure was three dimensional but the ratio of peak height and width were not predetermined as it supposed to be. The dimension is important for our balance but how the architect was designed this unique one by maintaining every aspects. This can be a crucial knock down model. Suddenly, robin recalled the professor as he never wrote down anything so it took some times to reactivate B cell for remembering the email id. He started to wrote,

Dear Sir, 
Time is now yours to make the way that you have been thinking for so long. I wish you could be the person who can assist me to make impossible to possible.


Chapter 2

Robins wasn’t work properly due to high degree pressure he inserted in his brain. He wanted to get rid of it by taking some red tea with puff of cigarette which could be diminished the pressure hole of his brain. He didn’t check his email last few days so it would be better to have a look by sign in there. He was astonished to see the bunch of email accumulated in his inbox. It was highly restricted and impossible to have spam mail either. However, all the emails were important he thought and gone through on by one. All were wishing and greetings email and maximum came from Cornell guys as it was his birthday indeed. But one email is different.

It’s from California. The old scientist designated himself as a professor of Electrobiophysic in California state university. He replied Robins email. He wished to invite Robins in his research lab in chine called ‘riddle of life’. It wouldn’t be much ridiculous Robin speak himself with smiley face. The bell was suddenly ringing, Robin opened the door and the big black newsletters man was laughing as he did it routinely.

The acclimatization is tough if somebody intend to stay for long time far from his realm. This is the first time here in China and Robin was very much excited to explore something new from “riddle of life”. The environment of china was not that much unfriendly as the Asian are to some extent same in their geographical nature. Correspondingly, they thought in the same way but the food habit is different. They are mainly indulged to take their food through fork rather using hand or spoon. Robin was very enthusiastic about to know the cultural orientation of different location throughout the world.

==== To be continued…..