How Ambulances in Pakistan can save lives?

In a country like Pakistan where face we face various different issues, health is a major one. Even thought that we have adequate number of ambulances in Pakistan much to the credit of social workers like Eidhi, Chippa or Aman services but still hundreds of people on an yearly basis lose their lives just because these ambulances don’t reach in time or either that they get stuck in traffic due to rush hours, V.I.P protocols or other numerous reasons.

GPS systems should be installed in all such ambulances which are not just reliant enough to guide the drive to the nearest hospital but at the same time provide them the ability to communicate with the nearest traffic center or their own centralized center to get updates on prevailing traffic situation in different parts of the city. A centralized traffic monitoring system can also be set up by major ambulance service providers which on an hourly basis should provide SMS based traffic update to its drivers guiding them which routes to take and which ones to avoid. This would considerably increase the efficiency of all such providers which may be able to save a number of precious human lives.

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