Kukie — Really a Help or Not?

Always aspiring to try and do new things has been one of the key traits of my personality and as I move head in my professional and educational life I landed in a technology course which was though mandatory for all the business students yet its name promised something new and different.

As the classes commenced I found myself busy in planning and developing a new startup / product as a part of our project but this was no ordinary project as this had real life implications and the support was great not just materialistic but even those motivational videos and speeches had a great psychological impact of its own. Eventually as time progressed I learnt about Kukie, first I had no idea of what it could be later we were informed that it was a platform that helped entrepreneurs or new starts ups.

As I learnt about it I initially different thoughts were running in my mind that maybe it’s a platform where I might be directly able to find similar startups working around the world or this might may just connect me to the potential group of investors and the opportunity for my project may might just broaden but these thoughts were just limited to the time till I did not know that it’s a platform based on Bot.

Not to my much surprise it was not different than the other Bot based applications I had tried before. It had answers to all my generic questions and whenever I tried being specific about anything it always had an excuse. It failed to provide any concreate help rather than a few links which I could have easily googled, the overall experience was not really helpful but much humorous.