Will electricity load-shedding ever be eliminated?

The last time when you might have heard concerned officials talking about reducing load shedding in Pakistan must be during an election campaign, in a political talk show or while addressing the protesters. Millions of promises were made during the 2013 election campaign to curb this nuisance which has resulted in the closure of enormous industries but like always none were fulfilled.

All the energy infrastructure which is being installed or acquired on rental basis my just take up to a decade to materialize but till that happens we may take another decade or two to recover. This problem needs immediate attention so that we could be able to achieve our short term energy goals till the time all our energy projects being installed get fully functional.

Millions of rupees each year are lost to line losses due to electricity theft and with the increasing use of Kunda system our energy problems are rising day by day but little is being to address this issue. The only solution strategy that has been seen to address this was to either increase the electricity tariff or do announced loads shedding but which are no permanent solutions to recover these losses what we may have forgotten over time is that whenever we may think that there is no solution to it, it is time we ignored the power of technology. Transmitters on electric poles should be installed in different areas which whenever observes any extra cable or load on the system should immediately show a red light and should send a signal to the nearest sub- station. This would not just help in tracking the line losses but at the same time would greatly help in reducing load shedding and increasing recoveries.

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