Reset UNIFI Controller password

Firman syah

Unifi controller is a tool for configuring your ubiquity device model Unifi.

if you lost the password, here is the way to recover it.

since unifi controller username dan password is stored in mongodb, so you have to download mongodb.

then execute command like this to enter to database.

$./mongo — port 27117

then to see your admin username, just type in mongo console like this :


“_id” : ObjectId(“59a3d4bb47281b1cf3458b94”),
“last_site_name” : “default”,
“x_shadow” : “$6$MgASCfcI$kUgdwNTJ1KsxkrsY.Gk2zXqYGD1YGTiL0Pr5ay91Ao9qIkiiMeowAXpZD5h0/VOYumEBWszqIW3ujS7WU/Ff60”,
“name” : “YourUsername”,
“time_created” : NumberLong(1503909051),
“email” : “

now, let’s create encryption for your new password.

go to then choose SHA-512 / crypt(3) / $6$ encryption in below of the page

put your new password in input box.

with hash : 9Ter1EZ9$lSt6

then click generate to generate your hash password.

then. update your mongodb password

db.admin.update( { name: “yourusername” }, {$set: { x_shadow: “YourNewHash” } } );

done. that’s it

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