How to use Shazam discreetly

Taulant Sulko
2 min readDec 10, 2015

Of course, there is no way to use Shazam discreetly. The rotating graphic looks like a siren. A siren that indicates how un-cool you have become. How out of touch you are with the hip music that passed you by.

Shazam working VS Blue siren

It happened to me recently when my buddy and I were out at a small rap event. We both desperately wanted to know the title of a song, but neither of us wanted to pull our phone out and wave it up in the air like we just didn’t care — because we did.

This got me thinking. What if a music recognition app could be a little more discreet? Maybe it works and looks more like a messaging app. A place where you are keeping a conversation with someone because you are trying to figure something out, instead of waiting for a crazy rotating vortex to respond.

Text a music connoisseur

I made a quick prototype to explore this idea.

  1. Hold down the screen footer to fire the music recognition engine.
  2. Receive your result in the form of a cool speech bubble, complete with a little album art.
  3. Save the result for later by tapping on Save to my Shazam.
  4. Fool all the cool kids into thinking you knew what song was playing without having to look it up.

Just you and your musical friend chatting casually. Nobody that isn’t a total nerd will know that you are using a music recognition app.

They will totally think you are chatting with someone that is really cool like yourself.

Uh oh something went terribly wrong

What if Shazam lets you down completely? No worries, it will still look like you were having a chat with your friend and not a computer.

Always good to remember that if at first you don’t succeed, you can dust it off and try again. Maybe the acoustics are terrible. Maybe you are way too close to the music. Maybe this is not your lucky day.

Or maybe you can muster up the courage to start a conversation with a stranger about the music that is playing.

I have to mention that I didn’t dive too deep into other parts of Shazam. I only focused on the music recognition part. I am just having fun here people.

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