AirPods as the New iPod
Sean M Everett

This is an interesting review. As a fellow AirPod user, my experience has been, the AirPods are the best Bluetooth handsfree headsets I have ever experienced. Whenever I get a new bluetooth headset, I always ask the person at the end other of the line to evaluate the call quality. Invariably they say it is tinny and noisy. Or I sound like I am in a tunnel. So far, everyone at the other end of my calls has told me they would not know I was on Bluetooth. In fact for some tests, the sound quality was better than speaking directly to the phone. It has amazed me how terrible Bluetooth headset call quality has been and how the AirPods are the first headset to meet my expectations.

As for the Apple Watch not storing music. That feature was added to the Apple Watch Series 2 with up to 2GB of music storage for use with your AirPods. And unlike the original iPod, the watch includes GPS, water proof, activity tracking, … I think it is safe to say, the Apple Watch Series 2 and AirPod combination far surpass the original iPod and pretty much anything else out there.