One Year (and counting) Without A Smartphone.

What the smartphone is actually doing to your family’s health.

“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination.” — Albert Einstein

It’s fine if you’re not sure if this was him either here is an interesting soliloquy about that by Ben Shoemate.

What if the human side is not any brilliant either? — me

Less Effort to Think — Making Thinking Optional

As soon as my nephew is required to figure something out, he pulls out his Android device. He can get from problem to solution in a matter of seconds. As impressive as that would seem for a ten-year-old, I was doing that without a smartphone at the same age — not bragging. Thinking has become something you do only when you don’t have the internet close by. Which is less than an hour of the average day.

Evolution has it that as soon as something is no longer needed in a system (the body), overtime, it vanishes. For energy efficiency or something like that. Imagine losing the ability to work ourselves out of trouble, where will that leave us? Reverse evolution alert.

The Learning Process is Now On its Head

Math study apps with answers on demand, scientific calculators during homework. I used Sin and Cosine Tables. We had to work out a solution. The test was never whether I knew where to find the answers. No wonder the brightest minds of this time look as though they have more hours in a day. Their learning process is different from the ones our kids are being trained in ‘school.’

“It’s like giving kids equal access to cigarettes and candy…” Article From The Atlantic

Depleting attention spans

Even in class, notifications from other smartphone people and games, weather apps, and news apps make sure you are always looking at the small screen for a large chunk of the day. Imagine how much of what actually happens around us we miss because of this attention-fuelled gadget.

Even attention to things that defined a family, moments enjoyed together has been diverted towards staying up to date with social media platforms and reaching new high scores on games. When you finally get to watch the game live, the smartphone is a constant feature. Telling people what is going on — we can all see it with our own eyes!

At work, having the smartphone next to the work laptop causes many people to give in to the urge that arises from a fear of mission out — pick it up and stare. If we had to count the loss in working hours lost because of smartphones, my bet is the amount is in millions every year. If not more.

The Death of Long-Evolved Communication Skills

My niece responds to verbal communication with smiley faces. I’ve stopped forwarding emails of content that seem helpful to certain people. Their responses are straight out of a first grader’s notebook. Grownups are not minding grammatical errors, punctuation and creating new words that I’m supposed to know already.

I’ve always been a face-to-face person; a message passed across by being present physically has more weight and keeps ringing in the receiver’s head compared to a message sent via text. With over 3 billion text messages sent on a daily basis through WhatsApp, so many people look to be losing their desire to open their mouths to say something out.

Then Pokémon Go Came Out.

We proved how eager we are to give up our lives following technology trends. I’m not going to say anything more about this one. Cell phone addiction problems surfaced, and more kids should have gotten professional help, the kind that Lifestyle Therapy Coaching is capable of providing.

Reducing Activity Options for Your Children

If it makes then sweat, kids nowadays always look for something less demanding to spend their time on. I remember closing off sections of the street and turning that into our stadium. Scores of children would spend holidays sweating, learning team skills. All without someone forcing that on us.

Very few of us were aware of obesity and a string of diseases that 90s kids all over the world never knew until they got to college. The general health of our children is at it’s worst for many decades. Unless we change how we go about our lives, as many doctors keep saying to parent’s deaf ears, things are only going to get worse.

Even when doctors and other health professionals come up with less evasive strategies to urge our kids to stay on the healthy tip, Diabetes and other lifestyle caused diseases seem sure to manifest in more of our children. So many of the diseases indirectly caused by our connection with the smartphone are preventable. We all have to go with the option to look up and live a better life.

Having looked at how we use smartphones; with eyes fixed on a small screen, and upper neck bent forward — we are in so much trouble. Remove the smartphone from the picture, and away goes a significant amount of accidents. People have walked into stationary objects while glued to their phones. Simulate it without a smartphone in your hands to understand a fraction of the shame I feel for the human race. Go on, try it out… with a wall… or a pole.

Do you really need a smartphone?