This is the first article in the series called “Habits of LeBron James”.

I must confess — I am on the Team LeBron.

I admire, I respect and look up to him. And I will always side with the King in LJ>MJ debate, no matter what you tell me.

Yes, I am LBJ’s fanboy.

So when I first saw on Twitter that Tim Ferriss will possibly have LBJ and his longtime athletic trainer and recovery coach Mike Mancias on his show, I was beyond excited.

Will I finally hear the insights into LeBron’s routines and habits directly from ? …

New Year’s Resolutions. A topic that gets remembered during 2 months of the year. Literally:

Each year it’s the same story: we make big plans, dreams, and promises, but according to studies, 80% of us quit by February and 92% by December, so we’re left with 8% of overachievers. Oh, that’s an “encouraging” statistic!

But let’s forget statistics. The past doesn’t define you. That’s one thing I learned after I started learning about habits. You can change and achieve your goals if you use the right strategy.

What’s the “right strategy” you might ask?

Well, that’s what I will try…

Failing is tough, no matter how zen you are. It means not achieving your goals and how can that ever feel ok?

But this story is not a sad one. Quite the opposite.

It’s the story on how my failed startup pushed me into becoming the best version of myself.

Finding Podcasts

To start, let’s go ALL THE WAY BACK to June 2017.

My online wedding startup Wedmap, after almost 3 years of hard work and effort had officially failed.

And when something, that’s been a big part of you fails, you can’t help but feel a bit miserable for a while.

Tauras Sinkus

Helping entrepreneurs to reach the highest level of performance through habits. Currently: Chief Habit Builder @21dayhero

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