Language Barrier in Ecuador

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The fear of not being understood abroad is one of the biggest issues for every traveller who is not familiar with any foreign languages. Although English is spoken in the majority of European countries, in the case of travelling to Ecuador, you would be surprised how few people are able to speak this language. The local community, especially from the outside of big cities, does not communicate in English which may seem as a barrier for Europeans who don’t speak Spanish. But if you are not a Spanish speaker, stay relaxed. We will explain everything and provide the solution for you.

Who Can Speak English in Ecuador?

It is likely to communicate in English in international restaurants, hotels and hostels which are advertised on the English websites as well as at the airports and with the staff from renowned and reputable carriers. If you decide to learn Spanish in Ecuador, you will, naturally, get an English-speaking teacher. And this is probably the whole list of places and people who would understand you during your journey. Of course, you can visit Ecuador and be hidden from the local community by choosing expensive holidays during which you spend most of the time in the hotel area and visit only a few flagships locations. However, this is not the option for people who travel on the budget or for true adventure seekers. Therefore, in the last section, we propose you the alternative solution from which you would benefit more in terms of money and possibility to explore the country. But firstly, if you speak Spanish just a little you may wonder if it is enough… or not? This time, we have good news!

Speaking Spanish With Local People

Ecuadorian people like when the traveller attempts to speak Spanish and support him even if he is a complete beginner. In general, the society is very friendly, spontaneous and talkative. Therefore, the adoption of basics of this language can be considered as a huge advantage for the visitor. Being familiar with the 1000 most popular words and phrases would be enough to able to communicate when ordering a taxi or in the local restaurant. However, if you struggle with a language barrier or are not able to learn basics due to, for example, time constraint we encourage you to follow proposed below solution which will allow you to enjoy the true adventure in Ecuador without unnecessary stress and fear.

Solution for the non-Spanish speakers

Travelling with Tauri Travel is the safest option if you cannot speak Spanish. With us, you can discover the beauty and the culture of South America with the help of professional guides who will lead you during your journey. By choosing mass tourism, you are forced to spend a fortune only to get the opportunity to visit this tropical place and be hidden from the community and culture which you cannot understand. We propose you the opposite: visiting local restaurants, sleeping in hotels and hostels usually lead by Ecuadorians and so on. You don’t have to be worried about the language barrier as the guides will take care of you. It is a win-win solution for you and for the local community.

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