Using Lies As Alibis

Here’s an Honest Question for you about lies and honesty.

If you’re being accused of something that was proven to be untrue, should the accuser(s) face prosecution and/or the same measure of scrutiny and judgement that was brought upon you by their accusation/lie?

Should those who rushed to judgement or automatically believed the accusation without proof issue an apology?

If not to either question, should your opinion ever be trusted?

Be careful on how you respond, because there have been many people falsely accused that have died or been burden by someone else’s dishonesty and unwillingness to admit their wrong when proven as well as millions of “good people” who choose to continue their suspicion and hatred of a person based on a false accusation.

Side-Note: Writing this post brought this song to memory. So I thought I’d share it for those who want to watch & listen this classic song by EnVogue released in the early 90’s titled “Lies”.

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