My Year in Review

2017 has been a year of beginnings and endings. I find myself feeling very reflective at the moment, partly because of the time of year but mostly because I lost my grandmother a week ago, after many years of steady decline. Although she wanted to go, and it was time, her passing has been a big loss. It feels like saying goodbye to not just her, but a part of the fabric of the family, and the era she came from and represented. An Eastern European Jew who emigrated to South America before returning to Europe, her life was a tapestry of adventure and her connection to everyone in our global family was and will be timeless.

But this post is not just about my Oma. This was a year of beginnings too. The year I finally found a place for myself professionally, in two completely different ways. Joining Satchel and quickly being promoted to Head of Product, I’ve finally found a job that feels a bit more right. After nearly three years of professional doldrums and some extremely bad luck (I mean, 2 redundancies within a year?!), I’m so grateful to have an opportunity like this.

At the same time, my yoga teaching has brought its own opportunities. I co-hosted a retreat in November which was one of the most professionally rewarding things I’d ever done in my life. Connecting with a small group of people, sharing something I love, with a yogi partner who is such an amazing teacher, it was really special. Thank you so much to Jennie for making it happen.

And personally? Raph and I are in the midst of buying a house! We also recently became the proud owners of a slightly malfunctioning little car, laying some significant adult foundations. 2018 will be the year I turn 30, so although it’s all a bit scary, it’s the right time, and great for our partnership.

That partnership was also strengthened a lot this year by our experiences at the UTMB. I helped crew Raph around this iconic 100 mile mountain race, learning a huge amount about trail running (something I want to explore more this year) about Raph, and about how miserable it’s possible to be at 4am in the rain on the side of a mountain. Post to follow on that!

It’s been a year of running achievements too. I completed my first ever marathon in April, enjoying some of it, and then a 30km trail race in the Ardenne, loving all of that. I managed to sustain 3 nasty running injuries but after some serious yoga and seriously expensive Physio, managed to sort these legs out. For now at least! But after a few months of persistent strength training, I managed a 5k under 25 mins and a half marathon in under 2 hours. I was pretty damn proud of myself :D

So, looking to next year… the UTMB experience has confirmed my dream to attempt my first ultra marathon, something I’ve wanted to do since first meeting Raph and hearing his stories. I will try and host another yoga retreat next summer, again with the wonderful Jennie. And fingers crossed we will own a house!

I hope that some of the groundwork done in 2017 will help with whatever comes next, and that I can rise to the challenges that will follow. And as we ring in the new year, and say goodbye to a much loved Grandmother, I hope that 2018 proves to be full of hope, for myself and my loved ones. Bonne Année!

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