Falling In Love In Traffic, a sonnet

Getting to work, no more boring a task
Whether commuting by car, bus, or ass
Traffic stalls, AM radio is crap
Wait! Eyes to the rearview, oh my, who’s that?
Wow, you’re hot, like HOT, like the hot that aches
No question about it — we’re gonna date
But how…oh! I’ll lay a foot on the brakes
There’ll be a screech, a crash, then our love — fate 
We’ll exchange insurance, names, and our vows
Wedding will be destination, Macau 
Our kid’ll be Neon, we’ll live by the beach
All things perfect, to one’s own we’ll be each

But wait! Where are you going? Don’t turn right…
You did it, damn, one more love out of sight ☹

I can see how this might be ironic

This sonnet originally appeared on tavisgray.com,a website for poets.