What you can learn from Hillary Clinton’s website about empathy?

For the 2016 Presidential Elections of the United States –Hillary Clinton’s website- does not start off by talking about her story, her life and her credentials.

It straight away takes you to compare the two candidates in pictures — Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton.

As someone visiting the website right before the elections, it is obvious that you’re sitting on the fence — trying to justify the decision to yourself. It helps you take your decision.

As a case in point, take a look at this:

[Hillary delivers a historic speech in front of the UN, announcing: ‘human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all.’

Trump on the other hands in the same year says after becoming the owner of the Miss Universe Organization,Trump says that he will make contestants’ ‘bathing suits… smaller’ and heels…. higher” ]

The contrast that the pictures depict is indeed gripping!

Let’s look at what insights we can draw from this:

1. The website home page follows the inverted pyramid pattern: This term was coined by journalists and it basically means giving the most important information to people first. All that people landing on this page are concerned with is making a choice or justifying their choice to themselves. This interactive application (Shuffle) featured above the fold allows the visitors to do that. For a moment imagine if the page was only rambling about what makes Hillary great -her vision, mission and values for America — it would have been too clichéd. Not coming from a place of real understanding of the audience’s temperature, it wouldn’t have sparked an interest.

2. It lets be people be the judge: By giving quotes and reporting exact happenings with newspaper snapshots and the original pictures, it lays the facts and data in front of the audience to make their own choice. The copy appears to be authentic because it is not nudging the visitors to cast their vote to Hillary by giving personal opinions about what makes her better than Trump.

3. You’ve to press the shuffle button to see more images. This means it lets you engage with the interface and as you flick through the photos you start forming opinion about each of the two candidates.

4. The conversation already taking place in the mind of voters continues on the landing page : People are already comparing the two in their minds. The landing page keeps the momentum. The best part? Since the comparison is happening at Hillary’s home turf i.e. her website — she can conveniently put the spotlight on what works best for her. She doesn’t have to get into the messy controversies around her but can keep the comparison clean for herself.

Goes without saying she emerges as the more human of the two and someone who genuinely cares about America. But well deserved!

So drawing lessons from what we just saw, here are the questions that you must ask yourself to ace your landing page like Senator Clinton:

What is the awareness level of your visitors?

What do they really expect to gain from the landing page?

Are you giving them what they want or trying to pull them into conversations they are not interested in?

Do you compare your product/offer with your competition candidly or do you evade this conversation hoping that there is no competition?

Do your visitors encounter a wall of text on your landing page with plenty of ego puffery and about what makes you their ‘trump card’?

Do you give people all the facts to make the decision themselves or is your landing page a collection of your personal opinions and nothing more?

❤ Would love to hear from you! What are your thoughts? Do you have lessons to share? How is your landing page coming along? ❤