Game of Thrones deep inside

All started with the promise of winter, winter is our promise of getting older some day and winter usually is the end of the season before it starts all again, winter is near to dead as getting older in a natural way is.

When a Medical Doctor is starting to work, she jury that she will fight dead. The period of life is to be struggled, the menace of the years, beasts, and sickness or accidents. It is all about fighting this or that way, in this moment of our civilization we used to believe that there is no threat, but there is, and there will be, and that’s an important part of life and help to complete the experience of life.

Without the threat we use to waste time on innocuous things like, watching tv or just be passive, letting the society moving us with out sense of something, people just keep disconnected and bored and some of us finish the life, the possibilities and the magic, the light with suicide, that’s simply terrible.

People that have been talking about going to war use to say that they have experienced the most trilling moments of their lives, they were living fully while life was so fragile and almost nobody wanted to finish her life on that moments. That said, being on war is so important to be fully alive.

I Started talking about Game of Thrones, and wanted to go deep inside, that was the promise, and here we go, all of us are kings of a landing, our body, our existence, our attention, we inside, we rule over millions of cells, our body is in war every day, every day we have threats, bacteria, viruses and possible rebellions of our cells, we are like a kingdom, and we need to be good kings, not a crazy one, and we need to fight dead, and be in equilibrium with our inner servants. To connect every cell, every part and work inside together to let the kingdom of our body express all the life, and inspire other kingdoms to live fully and great.

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