Trigger your friends’ phone cameras, remotely!

Tricy brings an original response to the two most popular questions asked while texting : «Where are you?» & «What are you doing?»

Trigger your friends’ phone cameras, remotely!

Technology tends to isolate people they say? Tricy genuinely connects you with everyone you love in a simple and light-hearted way. In a flash, you discover what your friends are up to, whether you are miles away or at the same party.


  1. Choose who you want to share a moment with
  2. Watch your guests joining the shot
  3. Ready? Trigger the count down on their phones!
  4. Discover all the photos instantly

Download Tricy on your phone here, it’s free!

Tricy is available on iPhone and Android

About us

We are 5 french guys: Antoine, François, Mourad, Marina and Pierre who love tech and apps. We wanted to build a fun product that brings people together and just like that we started the Tricy adventure. Inspired by other great products like Instagram, Cluster or Tribe, we believe that photos are the best way to do that.

Antoine, François, Marina, Mourad and Pierre. Fathers and mother of Tricy ❤

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