How to create an unique idea to develop the project

Imagine that all scared resource is compared to a bullet, we would have a limited ammunition to fire the Inner Bullseye, referred as a successful project. The key successful to hit the target is actually a methodology how to fire a bullet.

Ironically, most of decision makers prefer to fire a bullet to somewhere that had been shot which is proven to a conservative choice but this method could eventually backfire to decision makers as their success are depended on whether is there any Bullseye left behind. Luckily, you may get the Inner Bullseye but your success conditions are varied to the competitors.

If decision makers decide to fire a bullet randomly what is the percentage that they will likely hit the new target before someone else does, definitely more than previous method. Even if they do not hit the Inner Bullseye in first attempt, they can continue shooting all bullet all they want as it will be on the target.

Similarly to the developing project, if the goal of the company is to create a new business model, firing randomly is a preferable choice. However, each time that each bullet has been shot, the record should be taken in order to narrow down the firing range and increase percentage of hitting the Inner Bullseye target for next time. Sometime, it is worthwhile to think out of the box first and bounce all imagination idea back and forth. Eventually, some idea could hit the target and it is entailed to the company whether they want to pursue this idea until hitting the Inner Bullseye.