4 Ecommerce Design Trends to Embrace in 2016

Over the years, ecommerce has continuously evolved and so does responsive web development. Every year it pops up with latest trends that allow you to effectively engage visitors and boosts the sale. Keeping yourself updated with the ongoing trend is important as it keeps your ecommerce website thriving and profitable. While there is a long list of potential changes you can make to your website. Here are four latest trends listed by Web Design Company Dubai that are discussed below.


Regardless of their usage, stories own a universal appeal. These appeals help them make an effective marketing tool as it allows them to capture audience attention and persuade them to make a purchase. Storytelling has become a powerful marketing tool for ecommerce websites so has become an integral part of website development services.

Online marketing with the help of storytelling can be achieved in many ways. For instance, it is not necessary to spell out the story through text. Instead, a combination of powerful images and slogans eventually renovate your products into a compelling story. Display how your product and services can resolve a problem for your audience and with this you create an emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

Large screen optimization

The next trend related to growing tendency amongst consumers to their shopping. The wide screen devices that they use require higher resolution images to efficiently portrait the website. As a result of this, IT Solutions Company Dubai should include developing a website that suits large screen.

Another delightful way to create a wide-screen optimization is to make the web design compatible with screens that own a resolution of 1920 pixels or higher. Don’t forget, that the design should also be flexible or responsive enough to work with the smaller screens.

Dynamic design

As visitors navigate via your website, they want to thoroughly enjoy the delightful shopping experience. In the hectic scenario, customers want to quickly access the product offering, special deals and convey them what they are looking for. In response to this, most ecommerce website development companies in Dubai are increasingly adopting a dynamic site design.

Because of user friendliness of a dynamic design, it has now become one of the most popular trends in the ecommerce industry today. An experienced web development company should be able to create a website that is easy to use and as persuasive as possible.

Large images

Images have been playing an important role in the success of a website over a decade. Nowadays there are two critical factors responsible for successful ecommerce images. First is size of image and second is the background of the website.

Instead of cramming web pages with text chunks, focus on creating a web page that is large, active and contains powerful images of your product. Such images, when done right, let customers enjoy your business in its most appealing light. Also, backgrounds also play an important role in presenting an effective ecommerce website.


Ecommerce responsive web development provides plenty of ways to maximize your sales and conversions. In particular using storytelling, large screen optimization, dynamic design and large images can create a web design that allows your ecommerce website to be a profitable one.