My product cost me $4500, but I kept working on it. This is why.
Arthur 🚀🚀🚀

You are selling a luxury product. It’s still a great luxury these days to be able to change location without changing everything in your life. A luxury without well-known name is hard to promote. If you were given a wristwatch made by a company that has been founded yesterday, and the price tag was a few thousand, you’d hardly make a quick decision. So Nomad House would really need some strong reputation, but first, it has to somehow justify high risk for potential residents: why would they pay, and why would they choose Nomad House.

I’ve spent 19% of the whole 2016 on Crete island (about 10 weeks). I booked the same hotel via the same operator and flew the same Star Alliance. It was expensive, but these are the providers I trusted. Funny enough, at the moment of decision, their reputation didn’t really matter for me. I chose them because they were very good at explaining why I should choose them.

My bet is that there are people with goals similar to mine: to keep working, to not bother with flights and Airbnb too much, to see new places while maintaining high level of comfort for them and their family, even though at much higher cost. Probably the long-stay Nomad House package would make sense. Just sayin’.

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