Modern Medicine

Western medicine is very popular because it gives patients and users hope. It will continue to grow because doctors and physicians strive to cure diseases. But are these pills, medications and chemicals really healing us? There are two sides to this argument. Research has been conducted, and there a valid arugments supporting both sides. This post will analyze and pinpoint the negative aspects of modern medicine.

Whenever someone has a headache or cold, we immediately turn to our medicine cabinet to see what will “help” it. I too am a victim of taking ibuprofen or advil to get through the day. However, the lack of education in the medicine is our weak spot. Some of the medications can prolong the uncomfort we are feeling because we aren’t aware of the ingredients. And also, how the ingredients affect the body in the long run. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen hinder our body if taken too much. It hinders the body’s vital organs like the liver and kidneys. In the worst cases, it can create ulcers in the stomach. We should be more educated on the consequences from taking these easily accessible pain medications.

On the other hand, heavier medicine like antibiotics and drugs are used to prevent diease or to keep it from spreading. It strips away at the immune system. It makes the immune system more vulnerable when exposed to superbugs.

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