Modern Medicine: High Cost For Low Results

Traditional Medicine vs. Modern Medicine

The world today is run by popular demand. If a vast number of people prefer one method over another, it is likely others would follow. In this situation, medicine has divided the world in half. It has been around for quite some time now and there are various techniques/ methods that are commonly used today. Though I have noticed through my research, medicine is split into the alternative and modernized practices. The majority are against the westernized medicine because of the bad side effects, cost and other forms of medicine. But, of course the western medicine supporters believe in the progress and advances it continuously makes.


Several articles and other blogs paint a negative vibe toward modern medicine. A common reason was the side effects patients experienced after undergoing drug therapy. Drug therapy is a term used to treat disease, and it can be administered through different ways perhaps a pill, syrup or injections. The biggest concern about drug therapy happens to be the unpredictable side effects and reactions the body might have due to the foreign substance. Over 2 million Americans have been a victim of drug reactions such as vomiting, skin rashes, organ damage and many more. Doctors must be very careful prescribing over the counter drugs like antibiotics because any slight altercation may cause the patient to grow a resistance. The message I take away from doctors and patients who are against modern medicine, insist that this type of medicine does more harm than good the body. And in one of the worse conditions, it strips away the immune system leaving the human body even more fragile. Lastly, these drugs will never be guaranteed safe, therefore taking them is a risk.

money medicine

Modern medicine requires a lot of money to seek treatment and to fund research. If research funds slowly dry out, doctors and physicians are unable to continue their work, while other diseases are developing and building immunity to the environment. The insufficient funds also inhibit the researchers access to supplies and equipment. On the the other hand, going to the emergency room, taking a trip to the doctor’s office and purchasing prescriptions all add up to an immense credit card bill. Within the last year, four billion prescriptions were prescribed to patients for drugs who suffer from diseases. On average, the cost of these drugs are estimated to be around six figures. Health professionals argue these medications are ridiculously expensive, but are not equal in how effective they are. Some of the priciest prescriptions do not even offer positive results. What does that say about modern medicine?

Within the last couple of years, I have experienced severe lower back pain due to stress and posture. Whenever I couldn’t handle it, I turned to the easily accessible ibuprofen bottle in my medicine cabinet. A couple of months ago, I read an article on how pain medications can cause damage within the liver and kidneys. So now, I have been resorting to cupping therapy to relieve the pain in my back and this long term fix benefits my active life more effectively. This experience opened the door to other forms of medicine, and perhaps modern medicine isn’t the best answer for all medical seeking conditions. Alternative medicine which include acupuncture and herbalism offer more natural remedies, and in the end cheaper than modern medicine. Different types of medicine insist on lifestyle changes to heal the body as a whole. Along with utilizing alternate techniques, health care professionals suggest the patient maintain a better diet and exercise daily, to ensure the best results.

Medicine is inevitable because people become sick and turn to various resources to feel better. Modern medicine has a taint reputation due to the millions of patients who encountered bad side effects from drug therapy. How expensive it is to receive treatment from a health profession and pay for medication. However, modern medicine may not be for everyone because there are other options to turn to. Westernized style of medicine displays its flaws through high costing care and uncertainty of outcomes.

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