Yes to Vaccines?

Vaccinations and immunizations recently been a popular topic of discussion. People are religious about taking vaccines while others refuse to take them. All this time, I only viewed them to prevent diseases and to better our immune system. Pretty much a generic definition of what they do. I personally have only received tetanus, Hepatitis B and all the other immunizations due during my yearly physicals. I didn’t think much of it because I also needed those shots to play sports and be enrolled in my schools. However, I have never gotten a flu shot. Mostly because my mom never believed in them and never forced it upon me and my brother. While my aunt makes it priority to get her family vaccination with the flu shot. Now, I am required to get one to volunteer at a hospital to better my nursing school application. I wonder how my body will react to the substances.

Since I’ve been researching modern medicine, I came across a lot of articles about vaccines and immunizations and how beneficial they are or can be. In general, vaccines are accessible and affordable. The cost of the shot is less expensive than to actually treat the disease. Smallpox as well as polio are eradicated due to use of immunizations. But isn’t it redundant to keep introducing new antibodies to the body? The body is constantly encountering microbes affecting the body and building immunity.

There were a good handful of articles about how vaccinations serve more harm than good. So far, there have been several problems leading to vaccinations being taken off the market. A few gave users symptoms causing them to be in a condition worse than before he or she took the vaccine. Symptoms such as arthritis, paralysis and impaired speech. On another note, shots are directly passed into the bloodstream which are filled with chemicals, while other remedies can be digested detoxified. I don’t think it is necessary for elderly, parents, teenagers or even newborns to introduce foreign substances to the body. I understand the required immunizations required for school because something like the measles can be fatal.

This topic within modern medicine is underreported because people do not take the time to understand the positive and negative factors are of getting these immunizations. I too am a victim of lacking knowledge of this new form of modern medicine. Overall, I am anti vaccines and immunizations because through my eyes, there are more things to consider and worry about symptoms. I rather resort to natural alternatives than dosing my body with a weakened form of a disease.

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