2016 Presidential Election

(My First Time Voting)

My blog is going to be about the 2016 presidential election. I am very interested in this years election not only because it is the first year I will be able to actually participate in voting but it is also one of the most ridiculous presidential elections of all times. On one hand we have an extremely qualified well versed politician that I want to love because she will make history of being the first female president and as a female I feel as though I should be overjoyed. But as it turns out she has one of the inconstant viewpoints that seemingly changes with every audience that is front of her and on top of that was the whole email scandal which just makes her more sketchy. Then on the other hand we have a glorified reality show host who’s only redeeming quality is the amount of money he has which isn’t really much of a redeeming quality at all. So all in all our presidential options are Hilary Clinton, a person so inconsistent its hard to keep up with any of her beliefs or values and Donald Trump, a ragging narcissist who has literally made fun of a disabled reporter, openly makes racist and sexist remarks, and referenced his penis size during a speech.

This topic is extremely relevant because we are currently in the presidential election process. The primary election has already passed and now it is Hilary Clintion, the Democratic nominee vs. Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. Because of the presidential choices we have it is going to be an extremely interesting election and presidency for both parties. The next months of the election and the following four to eight years (I sincerely hope neither of these candidates get two terms) of the presidency are surely going to be nothing America or the rest of the world has ever seen before.

I recently turned 19 so this will be the first time I will be able to vote. I have always been hesitant to participate in the American Democracy because I feel as though it is all very corrupt and in the end my vote doesn’t matter. I am now even more hesitant to vote because of the two nominees we have elected to represent the Republican and the Democratic parties.

As of now Hilary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump in the polls. Hilary has the strongest support from women and minorities. Because of Donald Trumps obvious distain towards minorities and women his many supports lack diversity making this general election a little harder on him then the primary election. His goals to build a wall between Mexico and the United States because of his generalized belief that all of the Mexicans coming over here are rapists and are coming to bring drugs into America as well as his promise to deport millions of illegal immigrants makes his popularity with minorities really dwindle. Donald Trump also has extreme hatred towards all muslims and has goals to ban all musilms from entering the untied states. Though he and his suprisngly large group of supporters believe in what he is saying I don’t think the grown up solution for anything is get rid of them all and then build a wall so we don’t have to see them. His slogan, “Make America Great Again” to most people just seems like he wants to “Make American White Again.”

Hilary Clinton seems to have solid beliefs and heavily appeals to females and minorities. She also attempts to be hip and even had a cameo on the popular Comedy Central show Broad City, a show that openly promotes sex and drugs. She seems like she would be such a good choice not only making history by being the first female president but also because of her, which she considers, strong beliefs. She openly supports the LGBTQ community and seems to focus her attention on minorities but those views weren't always ones she had. When her husband was the president she was by his side when he opposed gay marriage. When she was in the senate she stated, “I believe marriage is not just a bond but a sacred bond between a man and a woman.” She continued her beliefs against gay marriage the first time she ran for president and only know has changed her mind about it, because lets be honest it’s a hard thing to publicly oppose. That’s the thing about Hilary Clinton she has a good feel for her audience and the public which could be a good thing but she uses those heightened senses to pick and choose what she believes when she finds it convient.

Honestly this presidential election has me worried. My step-dad said to me that we have two options in our presidents, Hilary Clinton, a lying shit and Donald Trump, a piece of shit. It’s kind of exciting for me though that this is my first election. Though Obama becoming president was amazing this is to me still one of the most interesting elections of my life time and I am looking forward to the next few months of speeches and debates. Maybe its bad that this election is so interesting because of the amount of its ridiclousness and the absurdity of the two nominees, but maybe it’s good because the attention will draw in more viewers and in turn more voters. All in all I’m excited to see how this plays out.

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