An Open Letter

Dear Mayor Ed Lee,

I am writing you because I believe this 2016 presidential election marks a pivotal change for our county and you are not properly informing the citizens of San Francisco the benefits of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Political views in the city of San Francisco may differ amongst our people but at this point in the election everyone must be knowledgeable on what Hillary Clinton would do if elected. I believe that you must use the position that you have held in office for the past four years to bring understanding of Clintons platform to our city so our voters are more properly acquainted with her views on strong issues that plague us here in San Francisco and also countrywide.

I believe that you can use your good standing over our city to open the minds of those still unreceptive to the democratic presidential candidate and show them some of the positive attributes of Clintons platform and how they can benefit our city. Though you have already voiced support for Clinton I feel as though it is your duty to explain why so the rest of our city may understand the aspects of Hillary Clintons campaign that focus on issues key in this election and why they are favorable for a future president. As mayor of San Francisco I feel that you can do more to endorse Hillary citywide regardless of if it may upset supporters of Donald Trump, you are a politician and you are allowed to participate in the politics of our country nonetheless.

Since you have already verified your support for Clinton then why would you not do everything in your power to help people to see what you see and understand the possible impact her presidency would have on the United States. Imagine the satisfaction both you; Mayor Lee, our city, and entire nation would experience if Clinton won the presidency. This feeling would be especially great if you campaigned support across San Francisco and inspired the undecided voters to cast their vote in the democratic favor of Clinton and her platform. Many people have already decided not to vote in this upcoming election so there is now a huge pool of nonvoters who could be swayed in favor of Hillary Clinton by just a small push from a political leader as trusted as you. Time is precious at this point in the election since voting day is coming closer and closer and if the republican candidate, Donald Trump, wins the consequences for this country will be detrimental.

As Mayor, you are obviously aware of the huge presence of LGBTQ citizens in San Francisco, and Hillary Clinton strongly supports the LGBTQ movement where as Trump support has seen major ups and downs even in the past few months. A lot of people are not aware of these views and they need to hear them from someone they trust, by just informing the people that Clinton is in strong support of our LGBTQ citizens a huge percentage of voters could be acquired. I understand that running a city is hard and tiresome, but imagine running an entire country, people need assurance that the person is fit for the job. My only request is that you try to more openly show your reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton, so that others may open up and understand why she should be the nest president.


Taylor White

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