Good luck Future 214 Class

Dear future class,

This class may not be what you are initially expecting, I took this as a summer course so I had a very short amount of time to do the assignments. If you are fortunate enough to get to take this class during the fall or spring semester, I think that you will thorougly enjoy it. Other than the fast pace of the summer session I did really like the way Proffessor Shannon formatted this class. The method of blogging essays instead of the formal style is much more relatable and enjoyable for a college student.

If you didnt know that this is a blog style class like me when I first enrolled, you may be nervous or intimidated but I think that you will quickly find that it is easy to adapt to blogging. Though it is required that you must pick one topic to blog about and stick with it all semester long (seriously you can not change your topic) you will eventually find yourself forming more of an interest in your growing blog posts even though it is actually homework. One thing that I would advise, is that you pick a topic that is very relevant because there is a lot of research involved in the blog posts and if your topic is recent there will be much more current information on it.

I am a student that has a difficult time attending classes regularly, I am not really sure why, I have just been that way since highschool. There are few classes in which I look forward to attending, only one until I took this course. But for the majority of this 214 class Proffessor Shannon made an effort to advance our critical thinking by giving us plenty of word problems and riddles to solve. Along with that, we had many debates about things such as the benefits of America building a Death Star which were some of the funnest classes I’ve experienced in college. My tip to you future students is to try to attend class as much as you possibly can or you may miss out on some actually fun lectures.

Good luck!