A Tribute to Mothers, especially mine.

~ I love you ~

Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Thank you for your sacrificial love,

All the sleepless nights, and early mornings.

Thank you for dishing up the last scoop,

Even if you go without.

Thank you for your endless hours of care,

The never-ending cooking and cleaning.

Thank you for keeping our home a safe haven,

A place to rest and find shelter from this crazy world.

Thank you for doing so much,

Although seemingly unappreciated.

Thank you for all that you teach me,

I will be a teacher.

Thank you for believing I can do anything I set out to do,

I will do great things.

Thank you for giving up so much of yourself,

I will be a giver.

Thank you for being who you are,

You are shaping who I am.

Thank you Mother!

You are appreciated.

Thank you Mom!

You are loved.

Thank you Mommy!

You are needed.

I love you!