Heat Problems at Ben Franklin High School

Students and teachers at Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin High School have been in the cold for days.

The school on North Broad Street have been having heating problems all week. Every time the heat is turned on, the sewer in the basement gets backed up.

This is an obvious issue for the students and teachers who have had to deal with 50 degree classrooms. Some teachers have tried to ease the discomfort by placing space heaters in classrooms. Although plumbers have been present at the school, the problem has not been resolved.

An official spokesperson of the district states that there is no further information about the condition of the school. The School District is aware of the problem and are trying to correct the issue.

The main critique of this story is the lack of sources. There are two sources, when three are usually ideal in any news story. In addition, one source is anonymous. The other source is a spokesperson, which isn’t a bad source since it is a statement from the school district. However, anonymous sources are never ideal.

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