5 Different Places You Will Cry In Your 20's

Breathe…Breathe…Keep It Together…Mom Is On Speed Dial…

1. On some form of public transportation

A second ago you were riding the L with your earbuds in, and the stench of too many bodies around you wasn’t even bothering you! However, you just saw an endearing moment when a child tugged on his mothers hair ever so gently. Then, she laughed and kissed him on the cheek and tousled his hair, AND NOW YOUR EYES ARE WET YOUR HEART IS BEATING FAST AND IT FEELS LIKE YOUR MOM HASN’T TEXTED YOU FOR 8 YEARS.

2.In the shower, the most holy of ‘broke 20 something’ sanctuaries

A shower is the only place where you have the best all worlds, you feel immaculately clean AND your voice is somehow transformed into some Yoncé level business, AND this magic is somewhat free, besides the water bill part…So while you let the humidity fry your phone and small wireless speaker that you got in a target $5 section, all of the sudden that throwback song from your middle school dance plays and you miss your youth and hometown friends and accept that crying in the shower isn’t even a thing because your tears just blend with the water.

3.When you decide to get food alone

All you wanted was grilled cheese and tomato soup from your friendly local Soupbox, so you throw on pants and a hat and stroll down there. Your friends are working and you decide that eating alone is actually really empowering and you think you remember reading that once in a Cosmo magazine at your neighbors house when you were dog sitting.

“Tomato soup please, with a half grilled cheese as well”

“….We actually don’t have Tomato soup today it rotated out”

“Oh, haha! Thats fine *eyes welling up because suddenly you look around and no one is eating alone and you didn’t even want to eat alone in the first place it’s not empowering, Cosmo lied to you, and now you can’t even get what you planned on eating and its raining and you wore Uggs and your apartment is three blocks away and-* thats okay, thats fine! I’ll have um the, um what do you like here? What’s good?”

4. In your apartment at 3am when you just finished watching a documentary about scientists who lived with wolves and you start to wonder if you could maybe become a scientist of maybe even live in the woods and study animals. Then you look at what time it is and the tears start to flow because you know you have an 8am class with a teacher who will DEFINITELY point out that you are late. When you walk in everyone will just stare at you because its not one of the fun classes where the professor fosters an environment of everyone talking and getting along its one of those professors that seems to thrive off of creating that cold atmosphere where no one talks to each other, and no one wants to raise their hand or learn anyones names because its so tense and no one even knows why.


5. Leaving home after a visit

Everyone in your family is really annoying but for some reason you are very emotional at all times now because you need everyone to realize that you are in deep mourning over the fact that you are not seven years old anymore. So when your brother drops you off at the train station hurriedly because his girlfriend wants to hangout you cant help but shield yourself from the conductor when you show him your Ventra app ticket because you have to finish a project, work, and stay social with friends in order to be a glamorous CEO in Manhattan and make sure your Mom gets a real birthday gift for once in her life, and right now that just makes you want to cry.

Listen, its okay to cry it out, it’t therapeutic and sometimes you just need to shed a tear. My crying has no boundaries, I will cry whenever and how ever much I want to and no one can stop me! Because I am a c r a z y p e r s o n! seriously though, don’t feel bad that you cried once pulling out of a McDonalds drivethru on a rainy Wednesday night, it happens to the best of us ;-).

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