6th week of using Photoshop

With the presentation over and behind, we are now into the 2nd half of this semester, as well as this project. For week 6, after the presentation, we started to use both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for our assignments. Our assignment for the week was to design 3 different logos for our project.

We had to first start off by sketching our designs in Photoshop and then convert them into vector logos in Illustrator. I decided to roughly sketch my designs in Photoshop before editing/enhancing them in Illustrator, so the designs in Illustrator will probably differ from those in Photoshop.

Design for logo 1 in Photoshop
Design for logo 1 in Illustrator
Design for logo 2 in Photoshop
Design for logo 2 in Illustrator
Design for logo 3 in Illustrator

For the 3rd design, I decided to sketch it out directly from Adobe Illustrator. Since Illustrator has different functions that are different from Photoshop, and which are useful for creating logos more easily than Photoshop, I simply used Photoshop to just create the basic feature of the logo before enhancing it and making it more complete in Illustrator.

Those are the 3 designs that I have come up with. Since it is only my first week using Adobe Illustrator, I still need more time to familiarize myself with the application. However, I think I have managed to grasp the basic concepts of Illustrator and should be able to improve as the project progresses on in its second half.


I created another 3 designs that I felt were different to my first 3. I did a bit more research and referred to different images to use for my creation.

New logo 1
New logo 2
New logo 3

For the first logo, I chose to create one which resembled an emblem. I searched for images of emblem online and found one which I felt could work well for this project. For the emblem in the logo, I briefly sketched out a design in Illustrator and filled it up with items that were relevant to sketching. Under the emblem I created a banner with the title of the project.

For the second logo, I decided to sketch a drawing palette with different shades of paint and paintbrushes since it matched the theme of the project. I also created a title for the logo. Based on the research I did, I chose to use a more free-flowing font since it would be more suitable for a project which involved sketching as opposed to a rigid one.

For the third logo, I decided to sketch out a hand drawing in the letter “C” in the word “SKETCH” on a drawing paper. I copied an image of a hand from google images onto Photoshop as I was used to sketching objects on Photoshop. I pretty much did majority of this design in Photoshop before copying it onto Illustrator and converting it into vector mode.

Ultimately, if I had to choose one out of the 6 designs to use as the logo for the project, I would choose the logo with the paint palette; the design is pretty simple and straightforward, allowing others to easily understand that this project involves drawing, and also provides sufficient details with the paintbrushes, and has the different paint colors also make the logo more colorful without being too complicated. Furthermore, the use of the project title in a carefree font gives the logo a free-flowing vibe overall.


New logo 1 (Emblem)


New logo 2 (Paint palette)


New logo 3 (Hand)