Project Update: LootBattles

New Year, new goals to set and work towards.

A major goal for myself this year is to do more writing and content creation on my projects. I have been steadily working on a handful of projects and mostly just talk to the people involved and friends and family about them instead of getting the word out there.

Each week I will be getting updates out on projects making progress and even occasionally do posts around one project with a major update.

Going to introduce and breakdown one of those projects today and another one later this week.


An eSports competition platform using smart contracts for teams and individuals to compete for real money on the blockchain.

We have been working on this project for about a year now, the concept and idea longer than that. It currently is in the planning phase after a strong alpha testing with Dota 2 teams we learned a lot. We found out that using Bitcoin as the currency for bets just won’t work with transaction fees, processing time, and security. There are future developments in Bitcoin that could make this possible, but none that we want to sit around and wait for.

After lots of research and consulting with some experts and bright minds in crypto and eSports we made the call to start making preparations to do an ICO. If you aren’t familiar with the crypto space an ICO is an initial coin offering. We will be introducing our own coin that will be used on the platform for teams to wager eachother with, paying witnesses who spectate the matches and results to confirm winners, and use it for a few other things within the platform.

We are going to need to do very strategic planning on how to do the launch, pre-sale, main sale, finding legal advisors and business advisors to join this project.

Why We’re Making This

We want to bring what FanDuel has done for Daily Fantasy Sports players, or online poker has done by giving eSports teams, aspiring eSports players, and eSport hobbyist opportunities to compete against similar level skill in a secure fair match for real money.

Amateur eSports team face a huge battle of gaining any income to be able to dedicate more time or resources to their sport. Teams and organization have to fight for recognition for sponsors, finding tournaments that pay — and when they do the amateur tournament scene is filled with large tournaments with a gauntlet approach where teams play single elimination with a full day or two of matches just to even reach for the match to win some money. In some major eSports cities, teams travel to compete in bet matches physically playing somewhere with no better option. They need the security that can’t be found online, whether it is making sure the team you put money down to play really is the team you face. Or, making sure you have a secure way to transfer money to a middle man or 3rd party you trust will actually verify the winner and pay in a timely matter.

Hobby eSports players are also a huge target customer for us on this one as similar to Daily Fantasy Sports, eSports games have a huge population of dedicated players who might want to turn into a real eSports professional but like Daily Fantasy Players, believe they are skilled enough to compete in matches or small tournaments for real money. We will be making sure skill classes exist and match styles to help us attract more hobby players.

Q1 2018 Road Map

  • Release White Paper
  • Release series of blog posts on Medium discussing strategic decisions and development progression
  • Finalize Branding
  • Release new website
  • Launch ICO Pre-Sale

We are through a first draft on our White Paper and getting some critiques and speaking with advisors on best ways to handle some aspects. This should be released by the end of January and help us build some momentum for an ICO.

The current plan is go with an ERC-20 token build that should help us be ready for offering the tokens and the smart contract in February.

Concerns to Overcome

There are a few things that can be cause for concern that we will be constantly working to overcome during 2018.

Cheating in eSports

Games like CS:GO are known for their hacks, teams and players have access to wall hacks and aimbots. This is going to be a huge factor for us making sure if we support a game on the platform we can be confident that no cheats will be possible. Some eSports platforms that offer tournaments for prizes have anti-cheat clients for games like CS:GO and others just don’t support them.

We will be working hard to launch with popular games that will help us grow while ensuring the protection of our community for fair play.

Games we are targeting early — Dota 2, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Fortnite

Games we are working to get API and Fair Play — CS:GO, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Starcraft 2

Scam Coins

There seem to be a huge movement in ICOs from scams and some potentially even being in our same space. We want to make sure we handle how the pre-sale and main sale work and ensuring we get enough funding to build the platform properly on the right technology and have a budget for marketing and server admins who can help us reach our goal as fast as possible.

We closed our alpha server we used to test with teams using Bitcoin to see if they were interested in the value we were adding. Coming out of those tests taught us a lot. Not just from the user standpoint that we covered above but also the importance in bringing in more experienced / higher quality developers to be able to hit our target goals of releases and building a quality platform.

Join Our Discord

If you are interested in eSports and Blockchain and want to get involved in the LootBattles project with us join our Discord server.

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