I’m Pro Hoe.

On International Woman’s Day the internet went crazy when everyone’s favorite socialite, Kim Kardashian, posted a nude mirror picture of herself (with censors to cover her…you know) on Instagram. There were tons of fans, feminists, and woman’s rights activists who commended her self-liberation, but of course the naysayers were loudly present.

The biggest issue everyone seemed to have with the picture was that Kim is now a wife and a mother of two. The question of would you want your mother, or the mother of your children posting a nude picture of themselves on the internet was posed. Then everyone started bringing up her sextape and a whole lot of other irrelevant bullshit.

Her sextape was released 13 years ago and made her entire family multimillionaires. The bitch is worth $88 million. That may not be your idea of what success should be, but so the fuck what. If my mom made a sextape years before I was born that put me in a position to where I would never have to work a 9 — 5, I would forever be grateful, fuck it lol.

We’ve all seen Kim Kardashian naked, numerous times. Shit if you haven’t you can google it. But here’s the problem I have with the backlash, SHE’S GROWN. Everyone is criticizing this 35 year old, rich as fuck, extremely successful woman.

Singer Pink was among the haters who put their two cents in. Pink shouted out women who use their “brains” instead of their “body, sex, tits, and asses” commending them for not needing “that type of attention.” Amber Rose shut Pink’s shady post down by getting straight to the point, basically stating that if Kim is comfortable with her body and posting it online it’s none of anyone’s business. She also brought up the double standards society has on what is “tasteful” nudity and what is trashy.

I’m with Muva. Everyone is always so concerned about with other grown ass people are doing. It’s disgusting. Slut-shaming Kim Kardashian and bringing up her past does nothing but discredit all of her many successes thus far.

Y’all don’t think that since the sextape she has been trying to do whatever she can to get away from being that girl in the sextape with lame ass Ray J (again) 13 years ago? Now y’all wanna question her parenting and call her all types of hoes because of a damn picture? (rolls eyes).

Sidebar: Y’all keep forgetting who Kim Kardashian is. She IS social media. The bitch has 63 million followers and counting on Instagram alone. She HAS to promote herself and her businesses. She HAS to stay relevant. Kim Kardashian is a brand.


I took it a little overboard but that’s real shit lmao. Stop slut-shaming grown ass women! I’m pro hoe. Do you boo.

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