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Vintage Lynchburg sale not happening this year

Art and vintage lovers beware: your beloved craft fair is taking time off. Leah Wiebe, an organizer of Vintage Lynchburg, stated that planning the events took so much of her time, it caused her to lose herself. It still remains unclear if Vintage will return after Wiebe’s well-earned rest and search for clarity.

Roanoke non-profit teaches young girls the ins and outs of technology

Non-profit Roanoke company Patch X is on a mission to educate young women in the field of technology. Patch X refurbishes old computers, then teaches the girls not only how the computers work, but also important lessons in online safety. Upon completing the classes, the girls have received the refurbished computers to keep as their own.

City Council OKs grant for pilot program with Lynchburg police, Boys & Girls Club

Lynchburg City Counsel recently ensured the continuance of the program Street Smart, which has been partnered with the Boys & Girls club for 10 years. Street Smart builds relationships and understanding between the Boys & Girls Club and the Lynchburg Police Department. The 12-week course will educate children on how to face bullying, social media and safety issues, as well as give tips on how to communicate well with police officers.

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