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Ms. Willis

First, I thought there was a lack of substance in the Black women characters (I expected so much from Det. Latoya), and given Peele’s Mother and Wife; I doubt he could accurately represent the Black woman. But I also read his script while I watched the movie to fill in blanks for misheard words and after reading this I went back to read “Georgina’s” part and I think he intentionally made her like that. Here’s how it’s written in the script:

“Georgina eyes get lost for a moment. There’s a pain behind her



…get you in trouble.


Oh no, no, no, no, no, no…

Aren’t you the sweetest thing? Not

at all. The Armitages are so good

to us; They treat us like family.”

Based on that, I think Peele wanted to show her fighting through to try to warn Chris. And she’s the one that may have left the door to Rose’s pictures open (during her cleaning). However, I don’t think she messed with the phone, maybe Rose did that.