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What follows is a quarterly email that typically only goes to my small but rowdy subscriber list (feel free to join here), but I thought it an important enough message to pipe it out through the infinite intertubes. Enjoy!

Hope everyone is doing well during this back, but not really back, but sort of back to school season.

Just sharing a quick quarterly take in the hopes of countering some of the quackery and polarization we’re all living through these days. On the eve of a rather frightening and momentous election, let’s not forget which side we’re really on. You can think of what follows as an introduction to Tayken on Guerilla Civics…and another attempt at self-preservation by way of written reflection. …


Taylor Kendal

Edu • Web3 • Culture • Travel • Identity → #BUIDL a rational mental map one neural node at a time. // Systems thinker; work in progress; thoughts derivative.

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