Directionless art

Art often finds its way moving in a completely different direction than what you originally may have intended. With drawing, as with writing, the original thought or line you had drawn led to something completely irrelevant to your original design. Instead, it has transformed into something more significant, something more you.

It is no secret that artists throw themselves into their work. Psychologists have known for quite some time, the art people create and the way people interpret it is true to what one is feeling. Just look at the idea behind the classic Rorschach inkblot tests.

There is no pressure for one to share their art but I do encourage you to try start drawing or writing with no intended direction. See where it takes you. It may be something worthy of praise or it may be complete garbage. However, if you really try, it could bring you to a discovery that you would not have had otherwise.

There is a sort of therapy that coincides with producing art. A therapy that when finished, can allow you to take a step back and try to interpret what it all means. Find out what your subconscious is feeling and thinking, you may be surprised by what you will find.

If you are not thrilled with the idea of creating your own pieces, take the chance of interpreting other’s art. Keep in mind: interpreting and critiquing are two different things. Although, even critiquing a piece could lead you to self-reflection.