Selfies Representing Me

In the first image above, my boyfriend and I were boating. This picture represents me by showing that I am a cocasian white girl. This image is a great representative of my sexuality because our body language shows the care and happiness between the two of us. It shows that we are middle class because not everyone gets the opportunity to go out on a boat for fun as well.
In above image, I am in Cabo, Mexico swimming with whale sharks. It is pretty evident that I am a cocasian female in this picture. I would like to think that Iwas very privalaged to be able to not only go to Mexico, but I was able to be a part of adventure. Being able to partake in this makes my socio-economic status pretty evident. It shows that I am economincally comfortable or middle class because I was able to go on this vacation. This picture is not a good representative sexuality.
In this image, I was sitting with my dad while snapchatting and my dad wanted to be in the picture. This picture also represents my ethnicity in a way. I am mostly white, but when you look at my dad some people can see that we are American indian and mexican as well. When you look at this picture I hope that my gender is pretty obvious and that I am a female and my dad is a male. This image does not evidently make my sexuality stand out, but if I had had a longer arm my more of my boyfriend would be in the background of the picture. Lastly, I thinking that it is evident we are a middle class family based on the attire in the picture.
This image is a picture of my twin sister and I(the bottom is me if you could not tell) on new year eve. In this image it is evident that my sister and I are both Caucasian females. This picture is a good representative of our socioeconomic class when you look into it. It is evident due to the dressy clothes and our excessories seen in the picture. The background of the picture is part of my family room and the look of it can show that we are middle class as well. This picture of my sister and I is also a bad representative of my sexuality becuase she is my family.


It is often said that pictures are worth 1000 words. I believe a majority of the 1000 words are worth nothing, they are guesses, assumptions, and stereotypes. In my picture I believe that my gender is pretty clear based off of my body type and the way I present myself. Pictures are also often good evidence of ones socio-economic status. This is visible only when you see what actives one is participating in or what physically wearing. It may seem obvious at times but ones status could be misleading through a picture although I do not believe the ones I chose were. My ethnical identity is somewhat obvious to some. In my pictures you can see that I am mostly caucasian, but many don’t know that I am also American Indian and Hispanic as well. When you look at the picture with my dad it becomes slightly more visible, but from my other pictures you could assume I am just white girl. My selfies could also may or may not give a clear idea to my sexuality. It was clear in the picture I had posted with my boyfriend that I am heterosexual, but you can not always assume a person is heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or transgender based off an image. Any combination on males and females in a picture so not automatically tell your sexuality, they only give you a possible story or your own idea. Based on the pictures I posed two were with my family, one was alone, and one was with a male. I think my pictures gave a clear visual identity in my gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and socio-economic status, but not my personality or story of my life to give people a clear enough sense to label, I think in my situation the automatic assumptions were probably accurate, but that is not the case for everyone.

So what?

This is very important in the way I see others because we cannot “judge a book by its cover.” A persons looks do not tell you their background. A picture can mislead you into what a person truly wants you to think or possibly not think about them. This means that it is important because I don’t want people to make assumptions about me, just like others don’t want me to make assumptions about them. Our identity today is much different then it was during our parents generation. Today, images which gives us an identity, is displayed all over social media for everyone to see. People are giving off visuals of who they want to be seen as rather then their true self. You can hide who you actually are through pictures. In our parents generation, identity was more accurate. People did not use pictures to figure out who a person was and what they looked to be like, they went out and met the person and got a more accurate identity and idea of who someone actually is.

Now what?

In life, everyone is going to have different stories, identity, and stereotypes. As human there is no way to stop them, but we can embrace all the difference that we all have. Thinking about my identity as a what is said to be a typical or basic white girl makes me view others in a different way. The stereotypes that come along with ethnicity may or may not be accurate, but we should not automatically assume. For example, in our community we have asian students and they are automatically said to be smart and that they follow their family’s lead. Another example is that hispanics are often believed to be low income and to not do well in school, when often many do not fall in this stereotype. One thing I have realized after thinking about my own identity, stories, and stereotypes is that everyone is beautiful for their own unique life. When I am working within the community I need to make sure I do not make assumption on people without knowing their stories or who they really are. Nobody has a perfect life, we all have strengths and weaknesses, up and downs, and good and bad in our lives. We are all human and nobody deserves to be looked at as anything other then what their true self believes they are.

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